March 14, 2013

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European Commission, The Lisbon Treaty

European Training Academy – EU Course offering

Hi, my name is András Baneth and I am the Director and co-founder of the European Training Academy.

Practical EU Training Courses

Here you can see the types of courses that we offer in our Academy: these courses have one thing in common, which is that they are highly practical. At every course, we provide a theoretical framework, background information on how EU decision-making works but we always do that through specific case studies tailored to the needs, interests and background of the participants to make it absolutely understandable, relevant and, as previously mentioned, practical.

Brussels in a Day

One of the courses is called “Brussels in a Day” which also includes a visit to the European Parliament with a specific guide or a person with insight and work experience in the Parliament of over a decade, providing very practical information and behind-the-scenes sort of tips on how to represent your interest when it comes to the European Parliament.

Compliance & Regulatory (“Comitology”) Training

Other courses include Compliance Training and “Comitology” which is something very specific to Brussels, however, its impact is felt by 500 million European citizens because it relates to a specific decision-making procedure for regulatory affairs highly relevant for anyone dealing with trade, pharmaceuticals, environment, taxation, customs and many other fields.

Public Affairs Communication Training

Among the courses, there is one which focuses on communication and not just generic communication skills but specifically communication with public affairs specialists and European policy-makers, including members of the Parliament, European Commission officials, other officials in different EU agencies etc.

This communication is fundamental because whatever interest, position or idea you have, you need to make sure that it has an impact when it is translated into policy action.

At our course, we focus on so called soft skills in terms of communication and we link that very closely to how decisions are made in the European institutions.

Get in Touch

Feel free to browse around and have a look at the courses. We are more than happy to provide you a specific, custom-made offer or create a program which is relevant to your priorities, your industry, your country, or your given field of interest.  Thank you very much!

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