Business ethics, integrity and compliance

A highly practical workshop aimed at managers and non-lawyers about business ethics, integrity and compliance. Participants learn key principles, and on that basis, actionable insights that they can apply in their daily business practice. The training can be run in a 1/2-day – 1 day – or 1.5-day format.


Core modules include:


  •        Key concepts and framework

    o   Areas to business integrity:

    • Confidentiality, conflict of interest, and personal investments
    • EU competition law compliance, incl. cartels and exchange of information, inspections by antitrust agencies
    • Relationships inside the organization
    • Stakeholders, trade associations and the environment
    • Interactions with government, incl. anti-bribery, anti-corruption


    •        Discovering value tensions in a business context

    o   Practical exercise in two groups

    o   Group exercise with an ethical decision-making model

    o   Ethical leadership and responsibility


  •        Simulation exercises

    o   Case study and workshop in two groups

    o   Plenary session: presenting the case studies and discussion


  •        Interaction with government officials

    o   Public and private sector codes of conduct

    o   Challenges and dilemmas: a practical approach

    o   Workshop in two groups with case simulation


  •        The long-term vision: reinforcing a culture of responsibility

    Day 1 may include a dinner guest speaker from the OECD or similar organisation to discuss corporate responsibility and business ethics.


Key benefits and takeaways of the training


  • Participants will have a clear idea what decision-making matrix to apply when facing ethical dilemmas
  • A strong focus on the legal and antitrust side of business ethics but aimed at non-lawyers
  • The practical exercises will help them immediately apply the principles in real-life situations given the workshops’ simulation approach
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