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Prof. Alberto ALEMANNO

15 Participants

€ 650/participant

EU Competition Compliance Training

Consequences for violating EU competition rules can be severe: harsh antitrust fines, reputational damage and individual liability are all potential consequences. Competition compliance training can raise awareness of antitrust issues within your organisation and mitigate the risk of non-compliance.

Our competition compliance program is coordinated by László Zlatarov, senior EU antitrust expert, who has conducted competition compliance audits and training and assisted companies in drafting their competition compliance manual.

Our EU Competition Compliance Training:

  • is industry-specific and tailored to your organisation
  • run by senior antitrust lawyers and economic consultants
  • is addressed to your senior management and people who liaise with customers, suppliers or competitors
  • involves practical role play exercise simulating real-life work situations
  • involves individual testing and feedback report at the end of program
  • our industry experience include: pharma & life sciences, agriculture & food, energy, construction,
  • financial services and banking, telecom & media.


We are flexible to organise this course in Brussels or anywhere in Europe, based on your needs.

Maximum Participants: 15 participants.

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